Read Please about our pools because this is very important!

All Gator's above grounds are priced that includes install except in cases where you need the ground leveled. You would also be required to order the mason sand if needed.

NOTE smaller then 24' get a 1 hp in ground pump

All my pools have an option for a vermiculite light weight concrete bottom so there is never any foot prints or wash outs just like an in ground pool. You get a drain in the bottom of the pool which is connect to the pump and filter to increase circulation and because of this the pool stays clean all by it self! You also get a in ground pool pump with twice the power for twice the circulation!

Pools all come with the following Walls, liner, bottom drain, skimmer, 1.5 hp Pump, 24" sand filter, Plumbing like an in ground "no cheap hoses", solar blanket, winter cover, automatic chlorinator, ladder, maintenance kit and start up chemicals and instructions

No way are you going to get a pool like this from any other dealer!

ALSO - 2 of the pools don't do there warranties pro-rated like the 2 that show warranties. They however actually have a better warranty system which I would have to explain.


GATOR'S Evolution CLX


This is it look no further lol

This is the best pool on the market! High quality steel pool complete with install. This pool has 9' top rails and uprights! This pool comes with a center drain and an in ground pump for double the circulation. 99% self cleaning! This is the pool I sell the most because it is the best pool around and lower then any other pool on the market of this quality. It also comes with or with out a heater. The heater would be dealer cost which is a savings of $350 off my retail. 

24' RD. $4950.00        27' RD $5650.00

Gator's family affordable pool The Sanibel Island

This pool has 6"top rails and uprights and is all steel construction! This pool comes with heavy gauge steel and galvanized with zinc coating. They also come with a wide mouth skimmer. They will exceed your expectations and is a great family pool. Comes with a 20 year warranty! This pool is also made in the USA!

18' Round 52" Steel Pool with 6" Top Rail $3195.20 

  21' Round 52" Steel Pool with 6" Top Rail $3494.60  

 24' Round 52" Steel Pool with 6" Top Rail $3890.58 

 27' Round 52" Steel Pool with 6" Top Rail $4287.82 

Gator's St, Kitts Hybred 54" Wall Pool

 The stunning St. Kitts 54-in deep above ground pool is ultra-durable and salt water friendly. These pools are manufactured with a resin frame and a reinforced copper bearing steel wall. The resin top rail, in a neutral silver sand hue, creates a sophisticated, up-scale look and is resistant to water and chemical damage. This beautiful, non-corroding, top rail is injection molded for super strength. Resin bottom rails, stabilizers and plates along with stainless steel hardware mean that your pool will be protected from the harsh salts used in chlorine generators. And, steel wall coating techniques minimize the potential for corrosion. You will enjoy your St. Kitts pool for many years to come. This pool is easy to assemble and includes a widemouth skimmer, keeping your water clear and clean. The elegant wall pattern is sure to compliment your outdoor living area, while the compact supports give you the best use of your backyard space. 

Made in the USA with a 60 year warranty

St. Kitts 24' Round 54" Resin Pool with 8" Top Rail $5832.94 

St. Kitts 28' Round 54" Resin Pool with 8" Top Rail $6664.19 

 St. Kitts 33' Round 54" Resin Pool with 8" Top Rail $7332.95  

Gator's Impress Steel 52" Wall Pool


What will you be doing this summer? Superior materials and renowned durability, The V7 Steel Series brings you the ultimate in steel pools. Take pride in owning a quality steel pool that is built for the long haul! The entire steel structure is coated with a combination of protective finishes, ensuring maximum resistance to corrosion and providing optimum durability.  This pool is 7" top rails and another one of my favorites because it is all steel. Great pool for the money!

This pool is made in the USA

21' Round 52" Steel Pool with 7" Top Rail $3723.24

  24' Round 52" Steel Pool with 6" Top Rail $4190.58  

 27' Round 52" Steel Pool with 6" Top Rail $4507.82 

Pool Filtration


We use Pentair Sand Filters 21 or 24 inch depending on pump and pool size


All above ground pools need in ground pumps for best cleaning and lowering chemical use so we use Pure Line 1 HP or 1.5 HP pumps depending on pool size.

Chlorine Feeders

No more floating mess. Pumped in with pvc pipe for no mess and better mixture!