Pool Overhauls

We have many years of fixing pools and nothing is beyond our ability! I have heard people tell me that they had several companies say their pool couldn't be fixed and we proofed that false! There is a couple jobs here that give you an idea!

Chicago Pool Built in the 50's

This pool is in Chicago and the lady had every pool company around come look. They all said the same thing "It can't be saved"

Looks pretty good to me!

Just another nightmare

This pool like many I deal with was in a foreclosure. New bottom, lines, liner and pump system.

Some pools like fiberglass ones just need to be torn out and replaced!

It does matter what you have. You can't believe what they tell you about fiberglass pools and their new system. In the sun it will be the same as it was before! Fiberglass pools will always be junk!